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This subject matter is rapidly evolving, and changes, additions, and revisions are expected frequently. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to revisit this site often for the latest information and updates.


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This site contains a tool to determine if property is within 10 miles of a military installation or critical infrastructure facility.  It also contains a portal for foreign principals to register ownership of such property.
This site contains a portal for foreign principals to register ownership of agricultural land.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the FNF Brands, as an underwriter be adding exceptions and requirements to our commitments or TSRs? No, it doesn't affect the title if they violate or don't violate the statute, so there will be no requirements or exceptions on our commitments and policies.
In those instances where a law firm is acting as a title agent on behalf of the Buyer, that closing agent would know the "corporate structure" of the client it is representing. So the firm, as closing agent would need to take action to determine no violation of the rules, correct? Yes, if you're reviewing the organizational documents of a legal entity and you see a connection to one of these foreign countries of concern, including China you would need to address the issues raised by the law now. However, it may not be always clear from looking at organizational documents whether there's a person or entity from one of these foreign countries of concern involved. In the end, you should ask whether you factually know there is a potential violation of this Florida based on your due diligence research.