TitleWave is one of the most popular online tools in the market because it provides you with powerful features that improve the way you work and get work done. No matter where you are, TitleWave lets you ride the wave of ease and convenience, making you more productive.

Just grab your keyboard and ride the Wave! TitleWave makes it easier than ever to:

  • Place orders - enter them online in TitleWave and import them into your closing software (No more dual order entry!)
  • Track order status online in real-time
  • Retrieve title evidence with copies of pertinent documents
  • View all of your orders in one place, regardless of your location or order type
  • Order and review updates and bringdowns online
  • Ask questions or provide feedback about orders online
  • Save time and money by eliminating faxes and emails about your order
  • Create commitments and policies from the delivered title report right in TitleWave
  • Download title search information and import it into most closing software programs
  • Enjoy access to TıtleWave 24/7 at www.titlewave.net

 Sign up today! Contact our Product Support Center at 877-947-5483 or fnfflorida@fnf.com

Order Types

Product (Search) Types

Commercial Buy/Sell Commitment
Commitment to Endorse
Plat Certificate
Commercial Refinance Commitment
Commitment to Endorse
Guaranty/Foreclosure Commercial Foreclosure Commitment
Residential Foreclosure Commitment
Property Information Report Commercial Ownership & Encumbrance Search
Residential Ownership & Encumbrance Search
Residential Builder Buy/Sell Title Search Report
Residential Buy/Sell Title Search Report
Residential Refinance Title Search Report
Timeshare Commitment

Closing Software Integrations

TitleWave integrates with most closing software systems. Below is a list of current integrations.

Closers Choice
Double Time
Ramquest Closing Market
Title Express
Title Soft
Turbo Title