Escrow and Trust Accounting Services

Now, more than ever it is imperative to have multiple controls over your accounts to maintain ALTA compliance, combat routine errors, internal and external fraud. Without a doubt, automation and built-in tools should be your initial layers of defense. However, you should consider implementing another layer of control to quickly resolve issues detected from those tools. EscrowTrax is that control for you.

Who Is EscrowTRAX?

We are Fidelity National Financial Agency employees dedicated to escrow and trust account compliance and management, with years of bookkeeping and auditing experience. We are the provider of escrow and trust account reconciliation services for title agencies, real estate attorneys and law firms throughout the country.

Why Use Us?

  • EscrowTrax services are cost-effective, with rates starting as low as $25 and no setup fees.
  • We have employees experienced in a majority of industry-related software and accounting systems, including Quicken and Quickbooks.
  • Our team will help you maintain escrow compliance as mandated by regulators and title insurers.
  • We will work with your current software provider and banks to ensure all automated features and fraud tools are properly utilized.
  • We provide an independent layer of control to your operation.
  • We manage all exceptions detected by your bank and software’s automated controls.
  • Our team will maintain and reconcile your accounts before, during, or after business hours.


Please contact us at for information on how we can tailor our services to suit your needs.