agentTRAX Suite of Applications


agentTRAX is FNF’s national online platform used by our agents to produce Closing Protection Letters (CPLs), create policy jackets, and review the status of their policy issuance and remittance. There are several applications in agentTRAX:

Letters: Produce CPLs

Jackets: Create commitment and policy jackets

ePay: Online payment system for policy remittances

Manage Account: Review and apply unallocated premium remittances

Reports: A library of Reports to track policy jacket inventory, premium remittance status, month end statements

JacketTRAX has been updated with a new user interface (screen layout) to include several new features for Florida agents.

  • Policy jackets are associated with a file, so jackets for simultaneous issue transactions can be created in one session instead of separately. You can also create multiple Policy Jackets for a file in one session or add another policy to a file at a later time.
  • The amount of the premium and endorsement fees charged is entered at the time of jacket creation. This information is used to calculate the premium due you will see the Gross and Net remittances displayed in the lower left of the screen. These amounts are reported automatically to our Agency Accounting Department (Auto Reporting). Once the policy jackets are created you can print the "File Details Report" with the complete premium details for each file.
  • Agents can view reports showing policies in the pipeline for auto reporting and policies already processed, as well as a calculation breakdown for each remittance.
  • For agents using TitleWave, our title search order placement and tracking program, we are in our first phase of information sharing with agentTRAX (TitleWave Integration). When an agent enters their file number in agentTRAX to create a jacket, data in TitleWave for that file number will automatically populate the fields in the agentTRAX screen, thereby eliminating duplicate data entry.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your agency account manager or the agentTRAX help desk (877-947-5483). 
For more information on Auto Reporting, visit our resources page for video training and helpful job aids.